This type of canoe is referred to as a "strip" canoe. It has no internal ribs and the hull is usually made from western red cedar, but can be built from almost any species of wood. I chose to build this one from basswood which is nearly the same weight as cedar but much less expensive to buy. The gunnels, seat frames and thwart are walnut with yellow heart accents inlaid into various parts of the canoe. It's a 15' "Bob's Special".
Although I've had many people tell me my canoes are more like furniture, they will easily stand up to the hardest backcountry canoe trips, or be just as comfortable on a display stand in the foyer of an Orvis fishing lodge. 
Canoe prices start at $3200.00 
This canoe is currently for sale for $6800.00 or feel free to contact me regarding a custom build or any other questions you may have.
There's nothing like a quiet paddle at the end of the day......