Windsor Chair Courses

Interested in building a Traditional Windsor Chair? 
A handcrafted Windsor Chair is known for its strength, durability, comfort and
beauty.  Even for experienced woodworkers, the art of chairmaking will open
up a whole new appreciation for the craft. It is certain to be a unique and
rewarding experience.
Bruce Stuart was fortunate to learn from Master Chairmaker Curtis Buchanan in Tennessee and is passionate about sharing his love for Windsor Chairmaking with others.  Bruce offers week-long courses, instructing students on the green woodworking techniques required to create a beautiful, timeless Windsor chair.  At the end of the week, you will proudly leave with your own, hand-made Windsor chair that will last generations!
The workshop is located in the beautiful hills of Caledon, Ontario and the peaceful countryside is an ideal setting for learning the craft of traditional Windsor chair-making.  
During the course, students are guided through the steps of making parts and assembling a chair. All materials and tools are provided; however, students are welcome to bring their own tools.  Examples of the tools you will learn to use include the drawknife, spokeshave, scorp, compass plane, travisher, brace, spoon bits and the tapered reamer.
The course price is $1,600 and classes generally run Sunday to Friday (8am-5pm).  Course scheduling is flexible. Please contact us for more information.